Mike-Kavitsky-medium  Hi, my name is Mike. I live in Israel with my wife Sara and our four children. We both made aliyah over ten years ago and have been extremely happy living here. But we are now at a crossroad and the next stage of our journey involves returning to the Unites States for a yet undetermined amount of time. We have many reasons for going to the U.S., most of which I will discuss through the course of this blog. Please read my introductory post, found here, for a more detailed explanation. Most of my posts will be in the form of either essay or personal correspondence with friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic.

This blog has three main purposes: First, I would like to share my thoughts and experiences with those of you who dream of Aliyah  as well as those of you who experience guilt or derision due to a ‘failed’ or ‘failing’ aliyah. Second, after more than ten years away, I will use this opportunity to observe and discuss the changing quality of life for Jews in America. Finally and perhaps most importantly, through the course of this blog I will explore and try to reconcile my own different and sometimes conflicting American and Israeli identities.

Through my 10+ years personal experience of Aliyah, and comparing it to my anticipated experience once again living in the U.S., I hope to paint an accurate picture of what it’s like for an American Jew living in Israel versus America. At the same time, I will try to make peace with and more wholly integrate my American and Israeli identities. It’s my hope that through reading this blog, you will at the very least find some comfort knowing that you are not alone in feeling conflicted or torn between the two countries you love most, even if you have lived here for decades.